I am delighted that you are visiting our website to learn more about our company. Here, we are providing helpful information about our company and business, the causes we support and the values we uphold.
We GLOCAL GROUP of companies are working towards building a strong foundation and trying to establish a professional identity of our own. Today, in the field of Information & Technology, Construction, Communication, Trading, Energy and Power, Shipping & Tourism, Press & Entertainment Industries, GLOCAL GROUP is a very much promising organization and we believe that ‘Professionalism’ is the key word for success, and committed to maintain a very high standard in quality control and workmanship so that we can surpass the international boundaries. Our philosophy is “Give the customer value for his money”.
We strive to create optimum value for all our stakeholders. Thus, we contribute towards the well being of our society by conducting ourselves as responsible corporate citizens. My employees are my family. I believe there are very few companies in Bangladesh where this kind of employee involvement, commitment and performance can be found.
As an entrepreneur, I believe the key to success is honesty. Our company is standing on the pillars of honesty .we are working keeping our customers in mind and we will work accordingly. A wise man will look, listen, observe and act accordingly.
Pursuing our mission also means working hard to expand our business links with the country as well as abroad. I hope you will find our website useful and interesting and thank you for visiting our Website.
Minahj Uddin Miran
Managing Director
Glocal Group