Breathtaking images captured by Bangladeshi photographers win LightsFlare awards

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In a stunning image, a kite bird looks as if it’s emerging from a pit of fire – but instead it is silhouetted against a sunset.


Breathtaking images from Mount Etna erupting smoke and the starry sky over Utah are among winners in 2020 LightsFlare International Photography Awards.

Among the winners feature some fascinating images captured by Bangladeshi photographers.

Workers harvesting dried fish in Kolkata, India, and a teacher posing for a selfie with a group of school children in the Middle East are among some of the photos.

The images also include a common tailorbird feeding an insect to its young near Jakarta, Indonesia, the vast starry sky in Utah, US, illuminating the rocky valley, and female students in Bangladesh.

“The competition is a melting pot for people whose passion, interest, sense of beauty, and openness to diversity in photography collide in intergalactic proportions,” LightsFlare said in a press statement.

“We seek to find artists and unique souls who breathe and live for creativity – catering to individuals actively engaged in experimentation and new trends in art.”

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